Cordelia's Garden Center

Butterfly Garden

Pre-Planned Butterfly Garden

A corner garden layout bursting with perennial varieties butterflies can't resist. Select a sunny spot with good drainage and shelter from strong winds, such as taller plants or shrubs. All are easy to grow and provide amazing color throughout the season!

15 Varieties, 24 Plants. Design layout for a 9' x 11' corner bed is included. Available for pickup at Cordelia's Garden Center in Bluffton, SC. Allow 7-10 days for preparation.

Plant Sizes: 3.5" square by 4" deep.



Plants Included: 

Phlox Sherwood Purple (3)

Achillea Coronation Gold (2)

Agastache Honey Bee Blue (1)

Buddleia Blue Chip Jr. (1)

Caryopteris Longwood Blue (1)

Aster Aroma (3)

Coreopsis Longwood Blue (1)

Echinacea Hot Papaya (2)

Achillea Paprika (1)

Monarda Raspberry Wine (1)

Origanum Rosenkuppel (1)

Rudbeckia Goldstrum (1)

Sedum Brilliant (3)

Gaillardia Burgundy (1)

Phlox David (1) 

General Information 

Select a sunny site with good drainage. Shelter from strong winds is provided by the taller plants and shrubs. All are easy to grow and provide color throughout the season. 


Garden Plant Care

Both the Buddleia & Caryopteris will benefit from cutting back in the early spring to encourage blooms.