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Deer Resistant Garden

Pre-Planned Deer Resistant Garden

Are deer a problem for you? Does it sometimes feel like your yard doubles as a deer buffet? These varieties are at the bottom of their preferred menu. You’ll never completely stop deer damage, but planting this garden should help. 5'x20' layout included. 24 varieties, 36 plants.

Available for pickup at Cordelia's Garden Center in Bluffton, SC. Allow 7-10 days for preparation.

Plant Sizes: 3.5" square by 4" deep. 



Plants Included: 

Achillea Richard Nelson (1)

Anemone Alice (1) 

Pulmonaria Bertram Anderson (2)

Solidago Fireworks (2)

Perovskia Little Spire (2)

Monarda Cambridge Scarlet (2)

Miscanthus Morning Light (1)

Gaillardia Goblin (1)

Echinacea Bubble Gum (2)

Calamagrostis Brachytricha (2)

Aquilegia Biedermeier (2)

Agastache Blue Fortune (1)

Centranthus Ruber (1)

Cerastium Olympia (1)

Geranium Brookside (2)

Festuca Glauca (3)

Origanum Kent Beauty (1)

Salvia Blue Hill (2)

Echinops Ritro (2)

Alyssum Gold Dust (2)

Stachys Helen Von Stein (1)

Nepeta Snowflake (1) 

Potentilla Neumanianna (1)

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Mix (1)

General Information 

A great combination of plants designed to provide easy success and color all season.


Garden Plant Care

The bed can be cut down in the fall to 6" or so, leaving any fresh foliage at the base of the plant if present. Spring clean-up is also acceptable, removing any dead material while being careful of new growth.